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Building Stronger, More Positive and Effective Teams

Do you have a great team already, but are looking for ways to improve? Or is your team dealing with significant challenges and you know that action is required? Would you like to feel more confident and effective in leading your people well? If so, you will love this best-practice program based on Ken Warren’s 30 years leadership experience, as well as what the research says works.
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It's All About Relationships: Building Positive, Supportive Relationships at Work

There is do doubt that the stronger the relationships at work, the higher the trust, the more effective your team will be. If you want to build even stronger, more positive and supportive relationships in your team and respond well to challenges as they arise, you will love this positive program for team members of all levels.

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Enhance Your Resilience and Improve Your Well-being

Many of us are in workplaces that are dealing with significant challenges  – high workloads, major change and difficult clients – to name just a few. Over time, these stressors can have a major impact on our health, well-being and team relationships. If you want to take even better care of yourself and your colleagues and support your team in responding well to the challenges, then you will appreciate this positive program based on the latest research.
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Difficult Conversations Made Easy

Certainly, when you step into a leadership role, you can’t dodge difficult conversations. But, we all need to have difficult conversations, at times. Perhaps sorting out problems with colleagues and clients, speaking to a team member about their performance, or resolving frustrations with our supervisor. If you want to feel more confident and better able to handle difficult conversations well and produce better outcomes, you will appreciate this positive and practical program.
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Dealing With School Parents Who Are Upset, Unreasonable or Aggressive

When you work in Education, most of your parents will be a pleasure to work with. But you will also work with parents who are very upset or angry, are being unreasonable, or are so litigious or aggressive, you can feel quite at-risk. If you want to build more positive relationships with parents and respond well to challenging behaviour when it occurs, you will love this program for School Leaders, Educators, and School Admin staff.
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Becoming More Effective In Crazy-Busy Workplaces

Do you have a very high workload that is sometimes overwhelming? Are you juggling a number of competing projects and priorities? Are you concerned about the impact of this stress on morale and team performance? In this practical presentation, Ken will speak on creative strategies you can use to gain more control of your workload, feel far less-stressed, and more proud of what you are achieving.
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Dealing With Clients Who Are Unreasonable, Demanding or Aggressive

Do you work with clients who are verbally or physically aggressive? Are some so intimidating, unwell or intoxicated, you feel quite unsafe in their presence? Do you want to ensure your safety and achieve better outcomes with these people? If so, you will appreciate this positive, best-practice program for health professionals, community workers, council staff and others in front line roles.
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Delivering Exceptional Customer Service

If you work with people, then you are in the customer service business – whether you are dealing with enquiries from the public, taking care of clients of your workplace, or supporting colleagues with their work. If you want to give your clients a great experience, deal well with the challenges as they arise, and feel even more proud of your work, you will love this program for front-line staff and others in support roles.
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Conflict Resolution Made Easy

Most people don’t like conflict. They would prefer to avoid it wherever possible. But the longer a conflict continues, the worse it tends to become. So, the sooner you can take helpful actions, the better. Whether you help others to sort out difficulties or are in the middle of a conflict yourself, this program is all about actions you can take to resolve difficulties and move through this process much more easily.
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Difficult Co-workers Made Easy

Frustrations with managers and colleagues come at a huge cost to workplaces – reduced morale, poor productivity and time wasted dealing with grievances – to name just a few. Whether you are presently dealing with a challenging personality, want to be less-difficult yourself, or simply want to be proactive in encouraging positive workplace relationships, you will find this program very worthwhile.
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Dealing With Major Workplace Change

There is no doubt that major change is the biggest challenge faced by many workplaces today. As a result, many people have concerns about job security, increased workloads, and changes they do not like or believe in. Others are more upset about how the changes are being managed, with many people feeling disempowered, devalued, and disengaged. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way …
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