Working Well with Mandated and Unmotivated Clients


If you want to feel better able to engage people in a collaborative therapeutic relationship and engage them more strongly with the need for change, you will benefit from this resource that will help you to work more effectively and produce better outcomes.



In this program for helping professionals, Ken Warren shares what the research says works and his experiences in working more effectively with people who were mandated, unmotivated or did not see the need for change.

Learn how to:

  • Engage well with mandated and unmotivated clients
  • Help people with problem behaviour see the need for change
  • Take advantage of the 5 reason people change
  • Identify client strengths and apply them successfully to the problem situation
  • Encourage greater honesty and two-way feedback between you and your clients
  • Take advantage of what the research says works
  • Significantly improve outcomes with only minor adjustments to your approach